Muckety Muckety

Putting a Muckety map on your web site is easy.

Copy the code below and paste it into your blog or web page.

Click inside the box below and the text should automatically highlight. If it doesn't then click in the box and choose Edit > Select All from your browser's menu or just type Ctrl + A.

Limitations on use

Web sites are limited to 25 embedded Muckety maps at any given time. Saved maps may have no more than 250 actors. Sites exceeding these limits may be blocked from further use.

Changing the size of the map

You may need to change the size of the map to fit the layout of your blog or web page.

To change the size of the map, adjust the numbers after muckMapWidth and muckMapHeight from their default value of 645 pixels wide by 500 pixels deep. The maps are set by default to display at 645 pixels by 500 pixels, but you can set this to a different size to suit your needs.

Putting a map on Blogger or WordPress

When putting the code in Blogger or WordPress be sure to paste the code in the HTML editing area not the visual editor. For Blogger first click on the Edit HTML tab at the top when you are composing a post.

Paste the code in the window - you will probably need to reduce the size of the width and height of the applet so it fits your blog's layout.

Try changing muckMapWidth and muckMapHeight to 400 or whatever the width of your blog post area is. Most layouts are 400px wide.

muckMapWidth="400"; muckMapHeight="400"

Here is what your map will look like if you change the muckMapWidth to 400 and muckMapHeight to 400.

Adjust these numbers until you get a map that looks good on your blog.

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