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1798 Robert R. Livingston (NY) gubernatorial campaign 1812 De Witt Clinton presidential campaign
1834 Gulian Verplanck New York mayoral campaign 1836 Samuel Morse (NY) mayoral campaign
1872 Victoria Woodhull presidential campaign 1884 James G. Blaine presidential campaign
1916 Charles Evans Hughes presidential campaign 1920 James Cox presidential campaign
1924 Theodore Roosevelt Jr. (NY) gubernatorial campaign 1928 Al Smith presidential campaign
1932 William J. Donovan (NY) gubernatorial campaign 1934 Robert Moses gubernatorial campaign
1936 Alf Landon presidential campaign 1938 Howard H. Baker gubernatorial campaign
1940 Howard H. Baker Senate campaign 1944 Thomas E. Dewey presidential campaign
1948 Harry S. Truman presidential campaign 1948 Henry A. Wallace presidential campaign
1948 Thomas E. Dewey presidential campaign 1950 James Roosevelt (CA) gubernatorial campaign
1950 Wallace F. Bennett Senate campaign 1952 Adlai Stevenson presidential campaign
1952 Dwight D. Eisenhower presidential campaign 1956 Adlai Stevenson presidential campaign
1956 Robert Wagner Senate campaign 1960 Adlai Stevenson presidential campaign
1960 John F. Kennedy presidential campaign 1960 Richard Nixon presidential campaign
1964 Barry Goldwater presidential campaign 1964 Wheelock Whitney Senate campaign
1965 William F. Buckley New York City mayoral campaign 1968 Eugene McCarthy presidential campaign
1968 Fritz Hollings Senate campaign 1968 George Romney presidential campaign
1968 Hubert Humphrey presidential campaign 1968 Jerris Leonard Senate campaign
1968 Nelson Rockefeller presidential campaign 1968 Pierre Trudeau campaign for Liberal leadership
1968 Richard Nixon presidential campaign 1968 Robert F. Kennedy presidential campaign
1970 Hubert Humphrey Senate campaign 1970 Lenore Romney Senate campaign
1970 Winfield Dunn gubernatorial campaign 1972 Edmund Muskie presidential campaign
1972 George McGovern presidential campaign 1972 George Wallace presidential campaign
1972 Henry M. Jackson presidential campaign 1972 Paul N. McCloskey Jr. presidential campaign
1972 Richard M. Nixon presidential campaign 1972 Sargent Shriver vice presidential campaign
1972 Sissy Farenthold (TX) gubernatorial campaign 1974 Bill Gunter Senate campaign
1974 Fritz Hollings Senate campaign 1974 Harold Ford congressional campaign
1974 James M. Inhofe gubernatorial campaign 1974 James R. Soles congressional campaign
1974 Sissy Farenthold (TX) gubernatorial campaign 1976 Daniel Patrick Moynihan Senate primary campaign
1976 Dick Gephardt congressional campaign 1976 Gerald Ford presidential campaign
1976 Henry M. Jackson presidential campaign 1976 Jimmy Carter presidential campaign
1976 Joanne Alter (IL) lieutenant governor campaign 1976 Morris K. Udall presidential campaign
1976 Ronald Reagan presidential campaign 1976 Scott M. Matheson gubernatorial campaign
1977 New York mayoral campaign 1978 Francis Hatch (MA) gubernatorial campaign
1978 Jeffrey Bell Senate campaign 1980 Al D'Amato Senate campaign
1980 Bill Gunter Senate campaign 1980 Birch Evans Bayh Jr. Senate campaign
1980 David Koch vice presidential campaign 1980 Don Nickles Senate campaign
1980 Edward M. Kennedy presidential campaign 1980 Fritz Hollings Senate campaign
1980 George H.W. Bush presidential campaign 1980 George H.W. Bush vice presidential campaign
1980 Howard H. Baker Jr. presidential campaign 1980 Jimmy Carter presidential campaign
1980 John Anderson presidential campaign 1980 Ronald Reagan presidential campaign
1980 Scott M. Matheson gubernatorial campaign 1982 Adlan Stevenson III (IL) gubernatorial campaign
1982 Haley Barbour Senate campaign 1982 Jeffrey Bell Senate campaign
1982 Jerry Brown Senate campaign 1982 Jerry Springer gubernatorial campaign
1982 Lew Lehrman (NY) gubernatorial campaign 1982 Mario M. Cuomo (NY) gubernatorial campaign
1982 Muriel Siebert U.S. Senate campaign 1982 Paul N. McCloskey Jr. Senate campaign
1982 Wheelock Whitney (MN) gubernatorial campaign 1983 Harold Washington Chicago mayoral campaign
1983 Jim Bunning gubernatorial campaign 1984 Alan Cranston presidential campaign
1984 Jesse Jackson presidential campaign 1984 Paul Simon U.S. Senate campaign
1984 Reubin Askew presidential campaign 1984 Ronald Reagan presidential campaign
1984 Walter Mondale presidential campaign 1986 Adlan Stevenson III (IL) gubernatorial campaign
1986 Al D'Amato Senate campaign 1986 Carolyn Warner gubernatorial campaign
1986 Fritz Hollings Senate campaign 1986 Guy Hunt gubernatorial campaign
1986 Helen Boosalis (NE) gubernatorial campaign 1986 John Dyson Senate campaign
1986 Kent Conrad Senate campaign 1986 Paula Hawkins Senate campaign
1986 Robert P. Casey Sr. gubernatorial campaign 1986 Roy Romer (CO) gubernatorial campaign
1986 Tony Hope congressional campaign 1986 Winfield Dunn gubernatorial campaign
1987 Harold Washington Chicago mayoral campaign 1988 Al Gore presidential campaign
1988 Bob Dole presidential campaign 1988 Dan Quayle vice presidential campaign
1988 David Duke presidential campaign 1988 Dennis DeConcini Senate campaign
1988 Frank R. Lautenberg Senate campaign 1988 George H.W. Bush presidential campaign
1988 Jack Kemp presidential campaign 1988 Jesse Jackson presidential campaign
1988 Joseph R. Biden Jr. presidential campaign 1988 Lloyd Bentsen vice presidential campaign
1988 Michael Dukakis presidential campaign 1988 Pat Buchanan presidential campaign
1988 Paul Martin Simon presidential campaign 1988 Pierre S. du Pont IV presidential campaign
1988 Richard A. Gephardt presidential campaign 1988 Ron Paul presidential campaign
1989 David Dinkins New York mayoral campaign 1989 Doug Wilder gubernatorial campaign
1989 Herb London (New York) mayoral campaign 1989 Richard M. Daley mayoral campaign
1989 Richard Ravitch (NY) mayoral campaign 1989 Ronald Lauder NY mayoral campaign
1989 Rudy Giuliani mayoral campaign 1990 Clayton Williams (TX) gubernatorial campaign
1990 Dianne Feinstein gubernatorial campaign 1990 Herb London (New York) gubernatorial campaign
1990 Paul Simon Senate campaign 1990 Rob Mosbacher Texas lieutenant governor campaign
1990 Robert P. Casey Sr. gubernatorial campaign 1990 Roy Romer (CO) gubernatorial campaign
1990 Sheila Bair congressional campaign 1990 Tom Harkin Senate campaign
1990 Zell Miller gubernatorial campaign 1991 Harris Wofford Senate campaign
1992 Al D'Amato Senate campaign 1992 Bill Clinton presidential campaign
1992 Bob Kerrey presidential campaign 1992 Dan Quayle presidential campaign
1992 David Duke presidential campaign 1992 Fritz Hollings Senate campaign
1992 George H.W. Bush presidential campaign 1992 James Inhofe congressional campaign
1992 Jerry Brown presidential campaign 1992 Kyle McSlarrow congressional campaign campaign
1992 Laurance Rockefeller Jr. Senate campaign 1992 Mike Bilirakis congressional campaign
1992 Mike Huckabee Senate campaign 1992 Pat Buchanan presidential campaign
1992 Paul Tsongas presidential campaign 1992 Phil Gramm Senate campaign
1992 Ralph Nader presidential campaign 1992 Rita Morris Congressional campaign
1992 Ross Perot presidential campaign 1992 Saxby Chambliss congressional campaign
1992 Tom Harkin presidential campaign 1992 William Stuart Price congressional campaign
1993 Rudy Giuliani (NY) mayoral campaign 1994 Bernadine Healy Senate campaign
1994 Bob Corker Senate campaign 1994 Bruce Benson (CO) gubernatorial campaign
1994 Charlie Oberly Senate campaign 1994 Christie Todd Whitman gubernatorial campaign
1994 Edward M. Kennedy Senate campaign 1994 George Pataki (NY) gubernatorial campaign
1994 George W. Bush (TX) gubernatorial campaign 1994 Hugh Rodham Jr. Senate campaign
1994 James Inhofe Senate campaign 1994 John Ashcroft Senate campaign
1994 Kathleen Brown (CA) gubernatorial campaign 1994 Kyle McSlarrow congressional campaign campaign
1994 Mark Roosevelt (MA) gubernatorial campaign 1994 Michael Herson congressional campaign
1994 Michael Huffington Senate campaign 1994 Oliver North Senate campaign
1994 Phil Schiliro congressional campaign 1994 Ron Unz (CA) gubernatorial campaign
1994 Ronna Romney Senate campaign 1994 Roy Romer (CO) gubernatorial campaign
1994 Susan Margaret Collins gubernatorial campaign 1994 Tom Golisano (NY) gubernatorial campaign
1994 Zell Miller gubernatorial campaign 1996 Arlen Specter presidential campaign
1996 Bill Clinton presidential campaign 1996 Joe Fitzsimmons congressional campaign
1996 John Barrasso Senate campaign 1996 Lamar Alexander presidential campaign
1996 Michael B. Enzi Senate campaign 1996 Pat Buchanan presidential campaign
1996 Pete Wilson presidential campaign 1996 Phil Gramm presidential campaign
1996 Ralph Nader presidential campaign 1996 Robert Dole presidential campaign
1996 Robert G. Torricelli Senate campaign 1996 Robin Hayes (NC) gubernatorial campaign
1996 Ronna Romney Senate campaign 1996 Ross Perot presidential campaign
1996 Sarah Palin Wasilla mayoral campaign 1996 Steve Forbes presidential campaign
1996 Thomas L. Strickland Senate campaign 1997 Rob Mosbacher Houston mayoral campaign
1998 Al Checchi (CA) gubernatorial campaign 1998 Andres Pastrana presidential campaign (Colombia)
1998 Charles Schumer Senate campaign 1998 Christopher S. Bond Senate campaign
1998 Chuck Schumer Senate campaign 1998 Don Young congressional campaign
1998 Edward Kennedy Senate campaign 1998 Frank H. Murkowski Senate campaign
1998 Fritz Hollings Senate campaign 1998 Garry Mauro (TX) gubernatorial campaign
1998 George Pataki (NY) gubernatorial campaign 1998 George V. Voinovich Senate campaign
1998 Gray Davis (CA) gubernatorial election 1998 Helen Chenoweth-Hage congressional campaign
1998 Jeb Bush gubernatorial campaign 1998 John Edwards Senate campaign
1998 Matt Fong Senate campaign 1998 Norm Coleman gubernatorial campaign
1998 Tom Golisano (NY) gubernatorial campaign 1999 Ehud Barak campaign for prime minister (Israel)
2000 Al Gore presidential campaign 2000 Bill Bradley presidential campaign
2000 Dan Quayle exploratory presidential campaign 2000 Dan Quayle presidential campaign
2000 David McIntosh (IN) gubernatorial campaign 2000 Don Young congressional campaign
2000 Elizabeth Dole presidential campaign 2000 Gary Bauer presidential campaign
2000 George Allen Senate campaign 2000 George W. Bush presidential campaign
2000 Hillary Rodham Clinton Senate campaign 2000 John Ashcroft Senate campaign
2000 John Kasich presidential campaign 2000 John McCain presidential campaign
2000 Lamar Alexander presidential campaign 2000 Pat Buchanan presidential campaign
2000 Ralph Nader presidential campaign 2000 Rick Lazio Senate campaign
2000 Rolfe McCollister (Baton Rouge, LA) mayoral campaign 2000 Slade Gorton Senate campaign
2000 Steve Forbes presidential campaign 2001 Alejandro Toledo presidential campaign (Peru)
2001 Bruce Bent Sr. Nassau County (NY) executive campaign 2001 Michael R. Bloomberg mayoral campaign
2002 Andrew Cuomo (NY) gubernatorial campaign 2002 Bill McBride (FL) gubernatorial campaign
2002 Bill Richardson (NM) gubernatorial campaign 2002 Bill Simon (CA) gubernatorial campaign
2002 Bob Ehrlich gubernatorial campaign 2002 Dick Riordan gubernatorial campaign
2002 Don Young congressional campaign 2002 Douglas E. Gross (IA) gubernatorial campaign
2002 Ed Case (HI) gubernatorial campaign 2002 Elizabeth Dole Senate campaign
2002 Erskine Bowles Senate campaign 2002 George Pataki (NY) gubernatorial campaign
2002 Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada presidential campaign (Bolivia) 2002 Gray Davis gubernatorial campaign
2002 Greg Ganske Senate campaign 2002 James Durkin Senate campaign
2002 James M. Talent Senate campaign 2002 Janet Napolitano gubernatorial campaign
2002 Jeb Bush gubernatorial campaign 2002 John E. Sununu Senate campaign
2002 John Thune Senate campaign 2002 Kathleen K. Townsend (MD) gubernatorial campaign
2002 Mike Huckabee (AR) gubernatorial campaign 2002 Mitt Romney gubernatorial campaign
2002 Norm Coleman Senate campaign 2002 Peter Cianchette (ME) gubernatorial campaign
2002 Robert P. Casey Jr. gubernatorial campaign 2002 Roland W. Burris gubernatorial campaign
2002 Sonny Perdue (GA) gubernatorial campaign 2002 Ted Stevens Senate campaign
2002 Thomas L. Strickland Senate campaign 2002 Tim Johnson Senate campaign
2002 Timothy Hutchinson Senate campaign 2002 Tom Golisano (NY) gubernatorial campaign
2003 Arianna Huffington (CA) gubernatorial campaign 2003 Arnold Schwarzenegger (CA) gubernatorial campaign
2003 Bob Graham presidential campaign 2003 Bobby Jindal (LA) gubernatorial campaign
2003 Peter Ueberroth California gubernatorial campaign 2003 Tom McClintock (CA) gubernatorial campaign
2003 Toronto (ON) mayoral campaign 2004 Al Sharpton presidential campaign
2004 Andrew Rosenberg congressional campaign 2004 Arlen Specter Senate campaign
2004 Barack Obama Senate campaign 2004 Carol Moseley Braun presidential campaign
2004 Christopher S. Bond Senate campaign 2004 Daniel K. Inouye Senate campaign
2004 David Vitter Senate campaign 2004 Diane Farrell congressional campaign
2004 Don Young congressional campaign 2004 Dylan Glenn congressional campaign
2004 Eric Fingerhut Senate campaign 2004 Erskine Bowles Senate campaign
2004 Evan Bayh Senate campaign 2004 George R. Nethercutt Jr. Senate campaign
2004 George W. Bush presidential campaign 2004 Howard Dean presidential campaign
2004 Inez Moore Tenenbaum Senate campaign 2004 Jim DeMint Senate campaign
2004 Joe Lieberman presidential campaign 2004 John Edwards presidential campaign
2004 John F. Kerry presidential campaign 2004 Jon C. Porter congressional campaign
2004 Lisa Murkowski Senate campaign 2004 Matt Blunt (MO) gubernatorial campaign
2004 Mel Martinez Senate campaign 2004 Nick Clooney congressional campaign
2004 Ralph Nader presidential campaign 2004 Richard A. Gephardt presidential campaign
2004 Richard Burr Senate campaign 2004 Richard M. Burr Senate campaign
2004 Richard W. Pombo congressional campaign 2004 Scott M. Matheson Jr. gubernatorial campaign
2004 Tom Coburn Senate campaign 2004 Tom Daschle Senate campaign
2004 Wesley Clark presidential campaign 2005 Mel Zelaya presidential campaign (Honduras)
2005 Michael R. Bloomberg mayoral campaign 2005 Timothy M. Kaine gubernatorial campaign
2005 Virginia Fields New York mayoral campaign 2006 Alexi Giannoulias state treasurer campaign
2006 Amy Klobuchar Senate campaign 2006 Beau Biden campaign for Delaware attorney general
2006 Ben Cardin Senate campaign 2006 Bill Nelson Senate campaign
2006 Bill Richardson gubernatorial campaign 2006 Bob Beauprez (CO) gubernatorial campaign
2006 Bob Corker Senate campaign 2006 Carole Strayhorn (TX) gubernatorial campaign
2006 Charlie Christ gubernatorial campaign 2006 Conrad Burns Senate campaign
2006 Cory Booker Newark mayoral campaign 2006 Daniel K. Akaka Senate campaign
2006 Denise Bode congressional campaign 2006 Deval Patrick gubernatorial campaign
2006 Diane Farrell congressional campaign 2006 Dick DeVos (MI) gubernatorial campaign
2006 Don Young congressional campaign 2006 Ed Case Senate campaign
2006 Eliot Spitzer (NY) gubernatorial campaign 2006 Ernest Istook (OK) gubernatorial campaign
2006 George Allen Senate campaign 2006 Harold E. Ford Jr. Senate campaign
2006 Hillary Rodham Clinton Senate campaign 2006 Jack Carter Senate campaign
2006 James H. Webb Senate campaign 2006 Janet Napolitano gubernatorial campaign
2006 Jerry Brown state attorney general campaign 2006 Jim Davis (FL) gubernatorial campaign
2006 Jim Nussle gubernatorial campaign 2006 Jim Pederson Senate campaign
2006 Joe Lieberman Senate campaign 2006 John Ensign Senate campaign
2006 John Faso (NY) gubernatorial campaign 2006 Joshua Rales congressional campaign
2006 Katherine Harris Senate campaign 2006 Kay Bailey Hutchison Senate campaign
2006 Ken Blackwell (OH) gubernatorial campaign 2006 Kent Conrad Senate campaign
2006 Kirsten E. Gillibrand congressional campaign 2006 K.T. McFarland Senate campaign
2006 Leecia Eve (NY) lieutenant governor campaign 2006 Lise Van Susteren Senate campaign
2006 Marc Holtzman (CO) gubernatorial campaign 2006 Maria Cantwell Senate campaign
2006 Mark Green (WI) gubernatorial campaign 2006 Mark Kennedy Senate campaign
2006 Mary Bono Mack congressional campaign 2006 Mary Fallin congressional campaign
2006 Michael S. McGavick Senate campaign 2006 Michael Steele Senate campaign
2006 Michele Bachmann congressional campaign 2006 Mike Beebe (AR) gubernatorial campaign
2006 Ned Lamont Senate campaign 2006 Pete Kott Alaska House campaign
2006 Pete Ricketts Senate campaign 2006 Phil Angelides gubernatorial campaign
2006 Ralph Reed Jr. campaign for lieutenant governor 2006 Ray McBerry (GA) gubernatorial campaign
2006 Reed Hillman (MA) lieutenant governor campaign 2006 Richard M. Daley mayoral campaign
2006 Richard W. Pombo congressional campaign 2006 Robert C. Byrd Senate campaign
2006 Ronald Gidwitz (IL) gubernatorial campaign 2006 Sarah Palin (AK) gubernatorial campaign
2006 Sheldon Whitehouse Senate campaign 2006 Sonny Perdue (GA) gubernatorial campaign
2006 Steve Westly (CA) gubernatorial campaign 2006 Tammy Duckworth congressional campaign
2006 Ted Strickland (OH) gubernatorial campaign 2006 Tim Pawlenty (MN) gubernatorial campaign
2006 Tom Kean Jr. Senate campaign 2006 Tom Osborne (NE) gubernatorial campaign
2006 Victor Yanukovich campaign for prime minister (Ukraine) 2006 Vito Fossella congressional campaign
2007 Bobby Jindal (LA) gubernatorial campaign 2007 Mikal Watts Senate campaign
2007 Tom Leppert mayoral campaign 2008 Al Franken Senate campaign
2008 Andrew Rice Senate campaign 2008 Barack Obama presidential campaign
2008 Bill Richardson presidential campaign 2008 Bob Barr presidential campaign
2008 Bob Schaffer Senate campaign 2008 Bruce Lunsford Senate campaign
2008 Christopher Dodd presidential campaign 2008 Chuck Baldwin presidential campaign
2008 Crime Victims' Bill of Rights Act campaign (Marsy's Law) 2008 Cynthia McKinney presidential campaign
2008 Darcy Burner congressional campaign 2008 David Musgrove Senate campaign
2008 Dennis Kucinich presidential campaign 2008 Duncan Hunter presidential campaign
2008 Elizabeth Dole Senate campaign 2008 Elwyn Tinklenberg congressional campaign
2008 Francis H. Powers congressional campaign 2008 Fred Thompson presidential campaign
2008 Hillary Rodham Clinton presidential campaign 2008 Jackie Speier congressional campaign
2008 Jacob Hoogendyk Senate campaign 2008 James Inhofe Senate campaign
2008 Jared S. Polis congressional campaign 2008 Jeanne Shaheen Senate campaign
2008 Jeff Merkley Senate campaign 2008 Jim Gilmore presidential campaign
2008 Jim Gilmore Senate campaign 2008 Jim Martin Senate campaign
2008 Jim Oberweis congressional campaign 2008 Jim Risch Senate campaign
2008 Jim Slattery Senate campaign 2008 Joe Biden presidential campaign
2008 Joel Dykstra Senate campaign 2008 John Cornyn Senate campaign
2008 John Edwards presidential campaign 2008 John Ensign Senate campaign
2008 John McCain presidential campaign 2008 John Sununu Senate campaign
2008 Katrina Swett Senate campaign 2008 Kay Hagan Senate campaign
2008 Kirsten E. Gillibrand congressional campaign 2008 Larry Larocco Senate campaign
2008 Mark Begich Senate campaign 2008 Mark Gordon congressional campaign
2008 Mark Warner Senate campaign 2008 Michael E. McMahon congressional campaign
2008 Michele Bachmann congressional campaign 2008 Mike Gravel presidential campaign
2008 Mike Huckabee presidential campaign 2008 Mike Johanns Senate campaign
2008 Mitch McConnell Senate campaign 2008 Mitt Romney presidential campaign
2008 Norm Coleman Senate campaign 2008 Obama-Biden transition team
2008 Ralph Nader presidential campaign 2008 Ron Paul presidential campaign
2008 Rudy Giuliani presidential campaign 2008 Safe Neighborhoods Campaign
2008 Sam Brownback presidential campaign 2008 Sandy Treadwell congressional campaign
2008 Stephen Colbert presidential campaign 2008 Ted Stevens Senate campaign
2008 Tom Allen Senate campaign 2008 Tom Tancredo presidential campaign
2008 Tom Udall Senate campaign 2008 Tommy Thompson presidential campaign
2009 Bob McDonnell (VA) gubernatorial campaign 2009 Chris Christie (NJ) gubernatorial campaign
2009 Dave Bing (Detroit) mayoral campaign 2009 Ken Cockrel Jr. (Detroit) mayoral campaign
2009 Michael R. Bloomberg mayoral campaign 2009 Stephen Pagliuca Senate campaign
2009 Terry McAuliffe (VA) gubernatorial campaign 2009 William Thompson Jr. (New York) mayoral campaign
2010 Alex Sink (FL) gubernatorial campaign 2010 Andrew Cuomo (NY) gubernatorial campaign
2010 Ben Quayle congressional campaign 2010 Bill White (TX) gubernatorial campaign
2010 Carl Paladino (NY) gubernatorial campaign 2010 Carly Fiorina Senate campaign
2010 Caroline Fayard (LA) lieutenant governor campaign 2010 Charles Baker (MA) gubernatorial campaign
2010 Chris Cox congressional campaign 2010 Chris Kelly (CA) attorney general campaign
2010 Christine O'Donnell Senate campaign 2010 J. Thomas Schieffer (TX) gubernatorial campaign
2010 Jason Carter Georgia Senate campaign 2010 Jeff Greene Senate campaign
2010 Jon Runyan congressional campaign 2010 Karen Diebel congressional campaign
2010 Karen Handel (GA) gubernatorial campaign 2010 Kendrick Meek Senate campaign
2010 Kristin Davis (NY) gubernatorial campaign 2010 Krystal Ball congressional campaign
2010 Linda E. McMahon senatorial campaign 2010 Lisa Murkowski Senate campaign
2010 Meg Whitman gubernatorial campaign 2010 Mike Lee Senate campaign
2010 Ned Lamont congressional campaign 2010 (NY) comptroller campaign
2010 Rand Paul Senate campaign 2010 Randy Altschuler congressional campaign
2010 Ray McBerry (GA) gubernatorial campaign 2010 Rich Ashooh congressional campaign
2010 Richard Blumenthal Senate campaign 2010 Rick Perry (TX) gubernatorial campaign
2010 Rick Snyder (MI) gubernatorial campaign 2010 Rory Reid (NV) gubernatorial campaign
2010 Roxanne Conlin Senate campaign 2010 Roy Blunt Senate campaign
2010 Scott Brown Senate campaign 2010 Scott Walker (WI) gubernatorial campaign
2010 Sean Coffey (NY) attorney general campaign 2010 Stephen L. Poizner gubernatorial campaign
2010 Sue Lowden Senate campaign 2010 Ted Strickland (OH) gubernatorial campaign
2010 Thomas J. Campbell gubernatorial campaign 2010 Tommy Sowers congressional campaign
2010 Trey Grayson Senate campaign 2011 Byron Georgiou Senate campaign
2011 Dan Adler congressional campaign 2011 Gery Chico Chicago mayoral campaign
2011 Joanna Rees San Francisco mayoral campaign 2011 Rahm Emanuel mayoral campaign
2012 Allen West congressional campaign 2012 Barack Obama presidential campaign
2012 Bob Kerrey Senate campaign 2012 Bridget Mary McCormack (MI) Supreme Court campaign
2012 David Dewhurst Senate campaign 2012 David Freed campaign for PA attorney general
2012 Elizabeth Warren Senate campaign 2012 Herman Cain presidential campaign
2012 Jesse Kelly congressional campaign 2012 Joe Coors congressional campaign
2012 John Delaney congressional campaign 2012 Jon Huntsman presidential campaign
2012 Kathleen Kane campaign for PA attorney general 2012 Matthew Doheny congressional campaign
2012 Michele Bachmann congressional campaign 2012 Michele Bachmann presidential campaign
2012 Mitt Romney presidential campaign 2012 Newt Gingrich presidential campaign
2012 Orrin Hatch senatorial campaign 2012 Patricia McKeon California Assembly campaign
2012 presidential election 2012 Richard Carmona Senate campaign
2012 Rick Perry presidential campaign 2012 Rick Santorum presidential campaign
2012 Ron Paul presidential campaign 2012 Scott Walker anti-recall campaign
2012 Tammy Baldwin Senate campaign 2012 Ted Cruz Senate campaign
2012 Tim Pawlenty presidential campaign 2012 Tommy Thompson Senate campaign
2013 Anthony Weiner (NYC) mayoral campaign 2013 Bill de Blasio (NYC) mayoral campaign
2013 Chris Christie (NJ) gubernatorial campaign 2013 Chrystia Freeland campaign for Canada Parliament
2013 Cory Booker Senate campaign 2013 Elizabeth Colbert Busch congressional campaign
2013 Joseph Lhota (NY) mayoral campaign 2013 Kristin Davis campaign for New York City comptroller
2013 Mark Sanford congressional campaign 2013 Scott Pruitt (OK) attorney general campaign
2013 Terry McAuliffe (VA) gubernatorial campaign 2013 (VA) attorney general campaign
2014 Alison Grimes Senate campaign 2014 Allyson Schwartz (PA) gubernatorial campaign
2014 Andrew Cuomo (NY) gubernatorial campaign 2014 Bruce Rauner (IL) gubernatorial campaign
2014 Byron Mallott (AK) gubernatorial campaign 2014 Charles Baker (MA) gubernatorial campaign
2014 David Brat congressional campaign 2014 David Perdue Senate campaign
2014 Debbie Dingell congressional campaign 2014 Donald Berwick (MA) gubernatorial campaign
2014 Erin Bilbray-Kohn congressional campaign 2014 George P. Bush (TX) land commissioner campaign
2014 Gwen Graham congressional campaign 2014 Jack Trammell congressional campaign
2014 Jason Carter (GA) gubernatorial campaign 2014 Jeanne Shaheen senatorial compaign
2014 Juliette Kayyem (MA) gubernatorial campaign 2014 Liz Cheney Senate campaign
2014 Michelle Nunn Senate campaign 2014 Mitch McConnell Senate campaign
2014 Neel Kashkari (CA) gubernatorial campaign 2014 Nevada attorney general campaign
2014 Pam Bondi (FL) attorney general campaign 2014 Pete Ricketts (NE) gubernatorial campaign
2014 Rick Scott (FL) gubernatorial campaign 2014 Shelley Moore Capito Senate campaign
2014 Terri Lynn Land Senate campaign 2014 Wendy Davis (TX) gubernatorial campaign
2015 Jill McCabe VA state Senate campaign 2016 Andrea Zopp Senate campaign
2016 Ben Carson presidential campaign 2016 Bernie Sanders presidential campaign
2016 Carly Fiorina presidential campaign 2016 Chris Christie presidential campaign
2016 Dena Grayson congressional campaign 2016 Donald Trump presidential campaign
2016 Gary Johnson presidential campaign 2016 Hillary Rodham Clinton presidential campaign
2016 Jeb Bush presidential campaign 2016 Jill Stein presidential campaign
2016 Jim Gilmore presidential campaign 2016 John Kasich presidential campaign
2016 Kamala Harris Senate campaign 2016 Kathleen Matthews congressional campaign
2016 Marco Rubio presidential campaign 2016 Melissa Gilbert congressional campaign
2016 Mike Huckabee presidential campaign 2016 Pat Roberts Senate campaign
2016 presidential election 2016 Rick Perry presidential campaign
2016 Ted Cruz presidential campaign 2016 Trump-Pence transition team
2017 Jon Ossoff congressional campaign 2017 Karen Handel congressional campaign
2018 Chris Kennedy (IL) gubernatorial campaign Bush-Cheney transition team
Fix the Debt Presidential campaigns

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