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Penny S. Pritzker

Penny S. Pritzker
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Penny S. Pritzker

Business executive
Without Penny Pritzker, it is unlikely that Barack Obama ever would have been elected to the United States Senate or the presidency.
- New York Times, July 15, 2012

Gender: Female

Age in 2017: 57

Address: Lives and/or works in 
Chicago, IL

Wealth class: Billionaire

Areas of interest:
politics & government

She also has affiliations with centrist think tanks.

College: Pritzker has a bachelor's degree in economics from Harvard University and J.D. and M.B.A. degrees from Stanford University.

Personal social network: Much of Pritzker's Muckety comes from political connections.  
She is listed in the Muckety 400.

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Additional Muckety map information sources:
Chicago Sun-Times
Chicago Tribune
Environmental Working Group
Federal Election Commission
New York Times
U.S. News & World Report
White House

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Contributor on Dem-Rep spectrum
Penny S. Pritzker campaign contributions:
Listed below are major federal donations reported to the FEC.
Real Estate Roundtable PAC - $5,000 on 3/15/2013
Obama Victory Fund 2012 - $15,000 on 5/24/2012
Real Estate Roundtable PAC - $5,000 on 4/16/2012
Real Estate Roundtable PAC - $5,000 on 10/18/2011
Obama Victory Fund 2012 - $35,800 on 4/18/2011
Real Estate Roundtable PAC - $5,000 on 5/7/2010
Real Estate Roundtable PAC - $5,000 on 4/29/2010
Democratic National Committee - $30,400 on 7/21/2009
Real Estate Roundtable PAC - $5,000 on 6/30/2009
Senate Victory 2010 - $30,400 on 6/18/2009
Hillary Clinton for President - $4,600 on 7/2/2008
Contributions to misc. political organizations:
Barack Obama inauguration - $50,000

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